CCCMHPIE and CCRC signed 2017 Joint Action Plan

A delegation led by Madam Odalys Seijo Garcia, vice president of Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba (CCRC) paid a visit to CCCMHPIE on Dec. 2nd, 2016.

Mr. Zhou Hui, president of CCCMHPIE welcomed the guests from Cuba. He said, CCCMHPIE and CCRC had been conducting good cooperation in terms of market access, technology transfer, trade and investment which was high praised by members of both sides. Madam Garcia expressed appreciation for the support CCCMHPIE had done to help Cuba’s pharmaceutical companies to enter Chinese market, she wished CCCMHPIE and CCRC could work together to improve healthcare cooperation between China and Cuba in a long run.

In order to better implement the MOU signed in September by CCCMHPIE and CCRC, Mr. Zhou and Madam Garcia on behalf of each side sighed Joint Action Plan of 2017, involving in aspects of promoting both side’s exhibition, communicating in pharmaceutical technology, providing services to members, project matching, etc.

CCRC was founded in 1876, authorized by the Cuba government to conduct communication and cooperation with foreign investors and industry organization. Biotechnology in Cuba is high advanced all around the world, INF, Auxin, PEG medicines, hepatitis B vaccine etc., produced by Cuba exported to 50 countries and regions. In 2015, the total amount of bilateral medicines trade between China and Cuba was 81.5 million dollars, showing a 33.7% year-on-year growth.


CCCMHPIE and CCRC signed 2017 Joint Action Plan


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