List of NMPA-approved Manufacturers of PPE and Medical Devices

As the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading worldwide, more and more countries and regions are facing severe tests caused by the virus. Many countries are now seeking assistance of PPE and Medical Devices from China. Having suffered from the virus, we share the same feelings with countries in the midst of it, and shall not forget the previous support rendered to China by the international community. A drop of water in need, shall be returned with a spring in deed. This common challenge confronting the mankind requires our immediate actions. We will work with people of the world, to respond to and win the battle against COVID-19.

 PPE and Medical Devices are special commodities regulated by the Chinese regulatory authorities as they are closely related to human health. As a responsible national industry association, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines and Health Products(CCCMHPIE), together with all Chinese medical companies, are ready to support the fight against the virus and safeguard human health and safety. We call on all Chinese suppliers to act in strict compliance with relevant rules and regulations and ensure qualities of exported products, for the respect for life and our commitment to human health. We are ready to support countries concerned with the warmth of our products, and work together to build a community of shared destiny.

 Now we release the list of NMPA-approved Manufacturers of PPE and Medical Devices, for references to use by all parties.

Annex: List of NMPA-approved Manufacturers of PPE and Medical Devices:

List of NMPA-approved Manufacturers of PPE and Medical Devices.pdf





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