The Joint Notice No.12 on Exported Face Masks and Medical Supplies

To support China and the world’s fight against COVID-19, following the Notice No.5 published on March 31 by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, together with Chinese General Administration of Customs and Chinese National Medical Products Administration, the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs and the State Administration for Market Regulation further issued The Joint Notice on Ensuring Quality of Medical Supplies Exports (No. 12). It stipulates that from April 26, efforts shall be placed on enhancing quality management of exported face masks that are not intended for a medical purpose and at the same time further strengthening export order of medical supplies.


According to the Notice, medical products are allowed for export as long as they are compliant with either Chinese or overseas quality standards. Exporters must provide the Joint Declaration of the Exporter and the Importer to the Customs to ensure product quality compliance. In addition, importers must confirm acceptance of the quality standards of the products and commit not to use the face masks they purchase for medical purposes. The Chinese Customs shall release goods by checking against the white list provided by the Ministry of Commerce. Companies and products found not in compliance with relevant quality standards identified by the State Administration for Market Regulation will not be allowed for Customs clearance. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce has issued the white list of manufacturers of face masks(non-medical purposes) with overseas registration/certification and the white list of qualified suppliers of five types of medical supplies (coronavirus reagent test kits, medical face masks, protective clothing, ventilators and Infrared thermometers). These two lists are publicized and will be updated timely on the official website of CCCMHPIE.


CCCMHPIE calls upon Chinese companies to ensure export quality and act in good faith in order to safeguard fair competition and market order. With real actions, we will work with people of the world to fight against the pandemic, and guard human life and health. We also encourage companies to follow the requirements in the Notice, guide and work with importers to prepare the Joint Declaration of the Exporter and the Importer or Export Declaration of Medical Supplies prior to export, in order to ensure smooth export of needed products.


China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines and Health Products
April 25, 2020

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