Assistant Minister of MOFCOM Qiu Hong met with President of Becton Dickinson in Beijing
Tuesday, 22 March 2011|Source:CCCMHPIE|Author:信息部

On Feb. 17, Assistant Minister of MOFCOM Qiu Hong met in Beijing with Vince Forlenza, President of Becton Dickinson ( BD ) from U.S. BD is a leader and important player in the global medical device industry, and is also among the first group of foreign companies establishing branches in China. With the view of the current health care reform in China, the two sides exchanged opinions on the prospects of the Chinese medical market, the trend of foreign pharmaceutical enterprises’ investments in China, as well as BD’s future strategy layout in the Chinese market. Representatives from related departments of MOFCOM and President of CCCMHPIE, Ni Rulin, joined the talks. After the meeting, CCCHMPIE held a separate meeting with Mr. Forlenza and his party of seven, in which President Ni Rulin expressed willingness to help BD develop its business in China.

Assistant Minister Qiu Hong met in Beijing with BD President Forlenza.

President Ni Rulin (left 6) held talks with Becton Dickinson President Forlenza (left 5) and his party.

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